How to start a Blog in 2018.Step by Step guide for Beginners.


Blogging is for a writer or for those who want to share their ideas with the people in a niche subject with their blog.

Commonly niche means that you creating or writing in a specific field like you are writing in SEO, Freelancing, Affiliate marketing or other things you want to write.

Sometimes people only use blogging for money, time, sharing ideas that help their audience or other things.

It mainly seems that some blogger gives up because they want some money for working but they did not get any pie that they desired before making a blog.

If you promise us to never give up then can try this and make money with a blog or from home through online.

So, You are decided to start a blog….

Yeah, It is a good idea to create a new blog.

If you totally decided to do work on online then you are getting rich in just a few months.But you have to do hard work and invest some time in blogging similarly like you are going office without going outside.

Starting a blog that you go there without investment or investment!!….

You have to decide what suits you because I don’t know in which situation do you are.

Sometimes people choose without investment blogging and they get suffered from some minor problems like how to install plugins and how to setup themes on their blog.

You have to don’t worry I will give you the best blogging sites that suit your situation and make money from home with easy way.

You are a new blogger in the starting you get suffered from situations like what to write on your blog or how to get visitors.

I will suggest you the best tips that give you visitors and for writing.

Tips and tricks….

  • Ubbersuggest-This will suggest you content
  • Answer the public-This will also suggest you content
  • Seo-It will help in getting visitors
  • Backlinks-Commenting on other blogs give you high visitors

So, Guy here is simple and easy

Step by step guide to creating a blog.

#Step 1.

Choose a blogging platform.

I have seen blogger did not get their best platform that suits them.Mainly the blogger gets confused when they are choosing their best platform for their blog.

They think that this is the best, this is the updated version this is also best.

Not to confuse..

Because the blogger has only to see that what is good for them or for their visitors.For you, You have to see that what plugin does install on that platform. And for visitors, you have to see that how many themes are available there.

Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, and Wix are some platform that has control on all over the search engine.About 39% blogger is using WordPress self-hosted site. And like WordPress; Blogger also have 7% control in their user.

If I am in your place I will go through WordPress because this platform has some insane feature like.

  • Easy to use and easy to set up.
  • Tons of free themes are available.
  • Tons of free plugins are available.
  • Insanely fast blog.
  • People interact with you.

#Step 2.

Choose a hosting.

Hosting means that the company that puts your website on the internet so that everyone will see that.And everything will be saved there.Look like all the computer’s hard drive that all the files are save in your hard drive.

And like that the hosting is the backbone of the website or blog.

Similarly like choose a blogging platform this also means same.Considering a cheap or free hosting by the provider.If you will ask me I will say that choose self-hosting website.

Because this gives me chance to save blog to own.In other hands, if you will choose free hosting all control are playing within the hand of provider that should not safe for you.

Because they will remove your blog from there service if you will do something that the provider does not want to see…

There is some reason to not to use free hosting.

  • Security reasons.
  • Not getting so much.
  • Not getting so many plugins.
  • Creepy to use.
  • Weird to understand.

But, there is one thing that may be the best thing in free hosting is that they will provide you lots of space for the blog.But, If you choose these own hosting there is certainly given space on the basis of money.

#Step 3.

Choose a domain name.

Domain means that the URL of your blog like,, and many more like that.

Choosing a domain name for your blog or website cannot get you in trouble because the blogger wants their best platform to do blogging in a specific platform that means if you are choosing free alternatives of blogging platform you will get in trouble like your domain is like.


There is some domain provider company are like, Hostgator, and Bluehost, The Godaddy give you in the cheap price of a domain for your blog.

#Step 4.

Install your blog on hosting.

After buying all the thing.Go to the cpanel of your hosting consider install WordPress and if you choose to host platforms like a blue host or Hostgator they will give you one type installation for a website.

Installing website in your hosting one thing to make sure is that proper use of your username and password because this will be your WordPress password and username also.

#Step 5.

Customize your blog.

Go to the appearance section then choose theme option and after that, the WordPress will give you tons of themes like some popular themes are Hestia, Sydney,colormag, and hashone.

Customizing your blog by creating a menu bar, creating a sidebar, footer menu and another type of bar that should make your blog more customized and beautiful.

Sometimes, The blogger did not how to customize their blog or website.They get frustrated and give their blogging carrier before they start there blogging world.

Go to Fiverr and buy some customized plan for WordPress.Click here to buy

#Step 6.

Writing a content.

Writing content or article with your passion always gives a better result but there is some blogger who started their writing articles but after some articles they did not know what to write.

So in this case you to go ubersuggest or answer the public for getting ideas from them for writing article that peoples are searching for.

Write your articles in deep and detail way so the audience understands what is saying your article about 1k words or more.

Neil has said that writing articles over 800 words or in detail way give you tons of visitors per day that means your earning should also increase in that way.


In a short way, if I say to you to consider you a blogging platform.I will suggest you WordPress that have over 35% of control on the search and to choose a hosting platform I will suggest you GoDaddy because this is cheap in order to see the blue host or Hostgator they are so costly.
In these hosting platform, there is domain section which I will suggest you once again for a domain name that it gives you low price of the domain.

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