How to start Affiliate Marketing in India.

At the basic, level there are many certain places where you will find earning from your home and from your certain place.The affiliates marketing or affiliate program means a person can promote the big companies product and company will pay them commission after the promoted item should be sold.

You need to make a website, an affiliate plan and having good content that should generate traffic on your blog or website.

Make sure that you are working on your niche content.

Here are steps are shown below;

How to start Affiliate Marketing in India

Select a product

When you are selecting your product make sure that suitable for your niche content and also with your niche website.

The reason behind saying to choose a specific product is because the will make audience in that specific area.This knows as niche.

Make sure that the product is compatible with your commission and other things that you want.

Make a blog

If you have a bog then it is good for you.But who does not have blog or website they have to make a blog.

If you don’t know how to make a blog then don’t worry about it.

There are many platforms for making a blog or website we recommend you the best platform that is Blogger, WordPress, Wix, and Tumbler.

You need to purchase a domain name and a hosting.And after that, you can build blog or website.

Finally, write your niche content on your blog.

Sign up for Affiliate Program

If you want to choose a platform like eBay, Amazon or Flipkart

But if you are thinking about which is greater and which have a higher commission.  In further it will same go to Amazon because the all Indians Affiliate marketers say that Amazon has higher commission it is easy to use.

And during signing up…

Amazon will ask you a further contact like email, phone number, your address and your credit or debit card number for paying you money.

Select your product

If you already decided to promote your own product then go on the search for it.

In case you do not decide how to choose the product.

We will consider you before promoting the product.Firstly use it. And after using promote it

Follow the steps:-

  1. Go to the Amazon’s bestseller that is on the left of the Amazon website.
  2.  Select the best selling product.
  3. Go and promote the product.

Make content

If you are a good blogger or writer you can write a blog as long as it is possible.You have to do one thing is that write your article in that you are promoting the thing.Like you are you are promoting a phone in your article.

Then you have to do is only write about that product if you don’t write about that the audience gets thinkable for what are writing for in your blog.

Do things for promoting products:

  • Comparison of a phone.
  • Reviewing the profduct.
  • Writing about the product.


If you are trying to promote the product get paid for it can be a simple online earning source for students.If you are YouTuber then you will easily get more commission on the product with help of promoting it with your videos.

The audeince get more value a product when they see the product in the real life and get a review of a product is the easiest way to sell the product and get paid of commission.Affiliate marketing is just the easiest way for earning the money from big brands like Flipkart, Amazon, and eBay.

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