What is Fiverr? Step by Step guide to make Fiverr account!

What is Fiverr?

Basically, there are many platforms where you can just do work and get paid.As there popular freelancer website and we choose Fiverr to make money online by selling gigs.Gigs mean that the product you are selling in Fiverr account is known further as a gig. Fiverr gives you an opportunity to earn money from home that makes you a freelancer and gets paid up to $1000 of dollars from a basic, standard to premium products.Fiverr provides a  Paypal and bank transfer method for sending money

They should only pay money after the two-week the product is sold.

There is three level in Fiverr like a game that the seller should reach in the first, second and third level (top level)of  Fiverr.Fiverr provide a basic level seller that the seller sells the gigs for just $5 dollar or the premium should be $50 dollar in logo selling profiles (depend on seller).

You can sell the gigs like:

  • Logos
  • Whiteboard animations
  • SEO related gigs
  • Writing articles

Here is step by step guide to making a Fiverr account:

Step 1.

Go search Fiverr in your browser.


Step 2.

After the Fiverr website appear.Then press Join.

After pressing join option the Fiverr should ask to create an account.You should consider a google, facebook or email.Create an account that you use earlier

Step 3.

After logging in your Fiverr account.

In the left sidebar, there is start selling sidebar created.Tap Start Now.

Note: Now we are showing how to sell the product or gig in Fiverr

Step 4.


Fill up your all detail.

They will questioned you what’s your skills, education qualification, Your description (make sure you fill all the things that you want to say to your buyer).Then click save

Step 5.

Now, Fill up your all the gigs overview.

Sometimes the sellers did not know what to write in your title.Go to any seller account.And know how they should write in their title.Or just drop your keyword in your title bar.

After Fill up the title…

Choose your category and And gigs data that should help your buyers go to buy your gigs.

Click after doing these things.

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Step 6.

After saving your overview.Then the pricing bar will appear.

Drop your all of your basic, standard and premium description that you want to know your buyer what are you selling them.

Then click save…

Step 7.

Write about your gig briefly.

Make sure you have at least 120 minimum words in your description.Write your description in detail that the buyer thinks you are experienced and have a knowledge in that they are buying for.

Write your frequently asked questions by putting a short description.

Step 8.

Write your requirement.

Most of the times the seller did not know what to require from their buyer.And do not know how to send the gig.

When this page appears on your screen write down all your requirement that you need for making the gig like their Email, website or some other contacts.

Then click on save button…

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Step 9.

Fillup your gallery or video section.

By providing the picture or video of your gig should maximize the getting attraction of your buyer.Buyer should only want to know that they are responsible for their products or not by seeing your gigs related things.

They should also think that their work is in 200% right place.

After doing all things click save button once again…

Step 10.

Publish the gig.

Now there is nothing to do but there is one important thing to do is, If you have a new account then the Fiverr should ask for some contact number.But they also say you that they can not give anyone they will protect their your contact number.

If are thinking they will publish your number.Then don’t worry about it.

Then click verify button after getting the number verify.

After doing all the things your gig should publish.

How to buy the gigs in Fiverr?

Step 1.

Go to search bar search the gig that you want to buy a logo, write an article or whiteboard animation.

Step 2.

Customize your filter side area that you want to buy the gigs in how much day or in how much money.

Step 3.

Now tap any gig that you have the desire to buy.

Step 4.

See the product description.Only choose the gig that suitable for you.

Step 5.

Choose a basic ,standard or premium price.

Step 6

Then click the purchase button.

Step 7.

Proceed to payment.

Step 8.

Choose a credit or debit card method otherwise PayPal.

Now the gig you want to buy is ordered.

Some Fiverr account name is: raazsethv9









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